Graphic & Web Designer | Illustrator

Hi my name is Georges Yannopoulos, and I’m a graphic & web designer. I specialize in illustration, from digital to traditional. Passionate of video games, soccer and everything that has to do with drawing, I like to work with dynamic and creative ideas and concepts, using a combination of my illustrative skills and my design knowledge.

As a designer, I offer various services ranging from graphic design, web design and illustration. Throughout my work experiences and education, I’ve learned various skills in colour theory, typography, layout and illustration.

Efficient and minimalist design is my go-to, but I’m flexible and very adaptable to different designs. Flexibility and creativity are the key aspects, that allow me to bring personality when branding a whole business or even a small commission.

Currently seeking to either work or pursue my studies in design or illustration, Mylo Graphics is available to take contracts and commissions. Looking for design work? Send me an email at: